Preparing your table for Thanksgiving

Vintage china and wood stemware

Start collecting pieces that make you happy leading up to November

Keep a look out for thrift stores, retail stores, and even garage sales for how you would like to present Thanksgiving this year. Vintage dinnerware, unique flatware, or items in your attic can inspire you in a direction you will love. Once you find your treasure, start building around it with a new tablecloth, glassware, and some clever items to make your table memorable. For the above table, I used an autumn dinnerware set from the 50’s and flatware with olive wood handles to play up the leaf and wood patterns. Traditional gourds, corn, and a basket complete the look.

Simple white china with burlap tablecloth for texture

In this variation, I used white china on a burlap tablecloth for texture. Small wood salt cellars and wood handled flatware contribute to the rustic theme, white your crystal stemware and modern napkins elevate the table. 

Use natural materials such as wood bowls, vine baskets, and burlap to give your table texture and interest.

Most importantly, use your favorite items on the table. Keep to a color story to keep the table cohesive or use your centerpiece to guide you in a color story.